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Munich's House / Techno
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Ticket sales:
fast, easy, cheap

Sell your event tickets in our app  and on our website within 2 


Download the app now and use the Ticketing onboarding to register as an organizer immediately

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Ticketing Onboarding

Start now with your ticket sales in just 2 steps.

Connect your bank account: 

Create a Stripe account and send us your Stripe ID at

You will receive the necessary link as soon as step 1 is completed.

Connect your Paypal: 

Send  us your PayPal email address and 'Merchant ID'

(you can find this in your PayPal account settings) to


We are the most cost efficient ticketing app on the market.

Our price per ticket is as follows:

40 cents + 3.49%

How do I create tickets?

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