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How To Find the Best Events in Tulum

The secret is out, Tulum is the most exciting destination for all travelers, from history buffs to outdoorsy explorers and everything in between — yes, that includes party people like you!

Tulum is an authentic tropical paradise with the most bohemian and laid-back feel. Dining experiences abound, and just spending the day with your feet buried in the white sand is worth visiting the Caribbean gem alone.

Tulum also has a thriving party scene and a thrilling nightlife — experiences Tulum locals share with the visitors day and night, whether it’s in one of the beach clubs Tulum is famous for or one of the superb restaurants Tulum has to offer.

Parties and events in Tulum are nonstop, but where to find them? Here’s where Flockx comes in. A knowledgeable local guide that fits in your pocket.

Meet Your New Tulum Guide

To find the best places to go out in Tulum you must be in the know, so, don’t miss out on any of the parties Tulum lovers cherish and many other events. You need a Tulum guide, and what better than a reliable app that gives you an overview of all the best events in the area!

That’s Flockx, a handy and reliable app to find experiences and events in Tulum — you can buy tickets through the app, too! And it features all the best raves and parties in Tulum. What’s not to love?

“Karma Comes After Everyone, Eventually.”

Flockx is more than a local guide or a list of the best places to go out in Tulum; it’s a way to connect with others and be part of a vibrant community of international travelers.

Based on the principles of karma, the app connects with like-minded people who gain and lose karma depending on their contribution to the app. At the end of the day, finding a party in Tulum is also about trust and safety, and Flockx allows you to choose your next beach party or rave confidently. You can’t trick karma!

Discover, Plan, Connect and Care.

Flockx is the perfect app to plan your trip to Tulum by discovering the best experiences rated by the community. And since you’re visiting such a gorgeous, picturesque town, why not give something back through experiences that make a change? Flockx allows you to do that as well!

Our goal is to create a positive social impact while providing the best guide for events and experiences in Tulum, from beach club parties to wine tastings in restaurants. If you thought having a good time in Tulum was easy, now it’s easier — it’s just one swipe away with Flockx!

Plan Your Trip to Tulum

Download Flockx app and start planning your Tulum adventure today. This is the Tulum guide you deserve and your ticket to the most extraordinary experiences in the ancient Mayan city overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Flockx is all about sharing experiences, and sharing is caring, so be part of the enthusiastic Flockx traveling community and live Tulum to the fullest. The Mayan city awaits you with open arms!

7 Travel Tips for Tulum

  • This is the tropical rainforest, so put on some insect repellent. Mosquitoes go wild in Tulum, too!

  • Be prepared for Tulum’s intense tropical heat, wear sunscreen and carry a reusable water bottle everywhere.

  • Don’t leave your stuff unattended, people in Tulum are nice, but opportunity makes the thief.

  • Ask taxi drivers for the price before hopping in. If you feel it’s excessive, get another cab. There are public vans to move around, too, and you can also rent a bicycle for the day.

  • Tip between 15% and 20% at bars and restaurants, just make sure the tip is not already included in the bill!

  • Explore Downtown Tulum; it’s just as lovely as the more touristic beach area. Mingle with the locals!

  • Download Flockx to find the best events, experiences and parties around Tulum!



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