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Event App

Ticket sales:
fast, easy, cheap

Sell your event tickets in our app  and on our website within 2 

Start now und 
your first 3 events as an organizer

are free of charge

Download the app now and use the Ticketing onboarding to register as an organizer immediately

Ticketing Onboarding

Step 0 - Quality assurance (5 min):
Sign the document ‘Event Permission
and send it to
Step 1 - Connect your bank account (5 min): 

Create a stripe connected account to receive automatic payments.  We will provide you the related link after Step 0 is completed. Please send us your strip ID via Email, when the account is created.

Step 2 - Download the app (2 min):
Step 3 - Create an Event (1 min):

Create an event in 30 seconds.

Step 4 - Create Tickets (1 min):

Create tickets for your event

in a few clicks


Now you have a free advertising channel and a new automated source of income!


We are the most cost efficient ticketing app on the market.  Why? Our mission is to motivate as many

people as possible to host events.

Our price are as follows:

39 cents +2.99%


Start now and your first 3 events as organizer are free of charge

Ticket Purchase

flockx collects the personal data of your customers

when buying tickets. 

(now without corona information)

Your customers can use your tickets

buy with one click. 

Participant Info

You can see the number and all the corona-relevant contact details of the participants for your event. You can also save these details as a .csv export . 

Ticket Validation

The tickets can be found in the organizer and

are therefore always readily available.

Every ticket has a corresponding QR code.  The ticket can be automatically validated by scanning the QR code. 

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